Business Continuity

Keep your business running against all odds

Business Continuity

The changing world today is directly affecting businesses with the potential of impacting disasters like tornadoes, floods, and earthquakes. The effects of these disruptions on an unprepared business are usually a server failure, system downtime, or worse, total data loss.

The minute your company loses access to its data, you are fighting an uphill battle to remain in business. This is why a Business Continuity Plan, especially for small- and medium-sized businesses, is absolutely vital. We’ll create a roadmap to ensure you can safely navigate through troubling times and protect your organization from a costly disaster.

Swift Chip Business Continuity planning services include:

  • A comprehensive assessment - we’ll perform a thorough analysis on the effectiveness of your current business continuity plan, if you already have one
  • Data backup plans - our experts will back up your data and transfer it to a secure location to eliminate potential liabilities from the loss of valuable customer data
  • Data restoration plan - includes proactive backup solutions so you can reduce downtime and get back to business fast

Don’t let manmade or natural disasters be the downfall of your business. Prepare your business for the worst today!

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Prepare your business for the worst

Be wisely prepared to continuously deliver your products and services even after disaster strikes. Contact Swift Chip for a thorough assessment of your disaster preparedness, and we’ll help identify areas of weakness and fill in the gaps.

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